Hard-working, well-educated, skilled, abundant, and affordable: That’s the labor force you’ll find in and around Oroville. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves:

Key demographics

Oroville is a small city with a big laborshed. The city itself is home to about 16,000 people, but nearly 20 times that amount—more than 300,000 people—live within 30 miles of downtown. Here’s a look at some key stats about the people in Oroville:

  • The median age is 32.6
  • Nearly 70 percent of the population is 18 or older
  • Thirty-seven percent of all residents have completed college-level coursework or have a degree

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Labor statistics

Butte County earns a large concentration of its income from agriculture, healthcare, trade, and services—and there’s no shortage of available labor, with recent statistics showing more than 12,000 individuals ready to work.

And these are motivated people, too. Every year:

  • 2,600 graduate from our high schools
  • 1,200 graduate from nearby Butte Community College
  • 3,000 earn a bachelor’s degree
  • 350 earn postgraduate degrees

And all of them reside within just 30 minutes of Oroville. Better yet, median hourly wages are lower in Butte County than they are in much of the rest of California, making Oroville the ideal place to relocate or expand a business.