If you're looking to help a business move or expand, consider Oroville.

Seriously. While we're in California, we're not like the rest of California. We have the cheapest water in the entire country. And we have so much to offer your business and its people, youll be amazed.

  • Your company will benefit from generous incentives, a diversity of industrial zoning options, and an enticing list of available properties. Find out more about how Oroville is great for business.
  • Your employees will enjoy a great place to live, with some of most affordable companies mortgage refinance in the state, award-winning educational opportunities, outstanding healthcare options, and some of the best scenic beauty and all-around fun things to do all of which make Oroville the perfect place to work and play. Find out more about how Oroville is great for your employees.

Water matters

For business decision makers in the twenty-first century, water availability plays an increasingly important role in expansion or relocation decisions. That’s why we’re so excited to offer the cheapest water in the nation, right here in California:

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